Lagos commemorates 440 years

Lagos Town Hall is organising a range of activities including a tourism seminar, a guided visit and a book launch next week to commemorate its elevation to city status on 27 January, 440 years ago.

Lagos Car Hire - Lagos comemorates 440 yearsIn a statement, the town hall said: “the elevation of Lagos to city status represents one of the most significant moments of local history, being clear recognition of the importance and the journey made since the status was granted by King Sebastian in 1573.”
“This fact led to headquarters for the governors of the Kingdom of the Algarve being located in the city, making it one of the most important locations in the history of Portugal. From here the first ships sailed on voyages of discovery, opening Europe up and bringing Christianity to an unknown world,” added the statement.

To celebrate the date, the town hall has organised cultural activities, starting on 24 January, which aim to promote the local cultural heritage and attract tourism.

On 24 January, tourist guides and professionals from the tourism sector are invited to take part in a day long seminar to find out more about Lagos’ cultural and archaeological heritage, so that they can better pass on this information to visitors.

On the 21 January, a book entitled ‘Legado do Conde de Ferreira no Algarve’ (the legacy of Count Ferreira in the Algarve) by Idalina Rodrigues will be launched during a free event at the Lagos Cultural Centre at 4.30pm.

On 25 January, guide José António Martins will carry out a free guided tour of Lagos’ historic city centre. This activity, which is open to the general public, will take place between 10am and 1pm.

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