Traditional Sausages Fair Monchique

In the coming days 7 and 8 March, Monchique XVI receives the Fair of Traditional Sausages from Monchique mountains.

Monchique Car HireThe event will take place between 10h00 and 22h00, on the Village Municipal Heliport de Monchique and has around fifty exhibitors, where visitors can experience - the expertise, knowledge use, knowledge advantage - the true taste tradition recognized through already filled, the excellent honey and fro in the region, the uniqueness of local handicrafts, the delicious sweets and dishes that enrich the traditional local cuisine, cooked meat black pig.

This year, the musical entertainment will be a constant, and this year as headliner "DEOLINDA", on March 7th, and the artist EMANUEL on 8th March, which takes the stage at 18h00, performances will be complemented actions with itinerant folk music.

Since the uniqueness of gastronomy Monchiquense a factor of undeniable attraction in the regional context, to be exploited more and better integrated at the event will be streamlined a Show Food which joined this year a dozen restaurants in the county.

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