Faro Airport parking new rules

Faro Airport has implemented new rules for car access to the arrivals and departures curb-side areas. Collecting or dropping off passengers will be free of charge to private users for ten minutes. 

Faro airport car hire parking rulesWith these changes, Faro Airport is implementing the so-called Kiss & Fly concept which can be found at a number of airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow, Paris, Chicago O’Hare and JFK among others.

The new system will allow users to stop next to the terminal itself, but will also be heavily enforced to discourage repeated curbside use.

In this way, dropping off or picking up someone from Faro Airport will be a faster, calmer, and more comfortable experience, as users will be able to stop next to the terminal itself.

The P2 parking at arrivals also allows for ten minutes free parking before drivers are charged for every 15 minutes of their stay.

The portugal's new airport operator ANA explained that the idea is to discourage repeated curbside use and, as such, there will be a charge for the third time of use within 24 hours.

ANA added that public buses will not be charged nor will taxis dropping off passengers if they use the bus lane in departures.
Taxis collecting passengers will remain at the space currently available for this purpose, which will have reserved access for valid permit holders. Tourism buses and hotel shuttles will have their own spaces suitable for airport access (parks P5 and P6 respectively).

The curbside at Faro Airport is currently affected by various operational restrictions and environmental considerations, largely caused by imbalances in types of access and misuse by private and business users outside ANA airport activity.
With these changes, the airport hopes that access will be streamlined.

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