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Carvoeiro Facts

Carvoeiro Car Hire in Algarve Carvoeiro was elevated to town on April 19, 2001 and given the name to Carvoeiro.

According to historical sources, the current toponym village would have derived the word "Caboiere" former fishing village of Arab-medieval, that resisting the signs of time, managed to succeed.

With an ancient history, this picturesque fishing village has been growing in recent years as the center of tourism in this county. Located about 5 km from the town of Lagoa, Carvoeiro offers a set of small beaches cut by rocky cliffs, with clear waters and fine sand, forming a summer paradise places that become suitable for residential tourism that has emerged in recent times.

In fact, since from time immemorial that Carvoeiro has suffered many attentions civilization. In this magnificent stretch of the coast, where nature has done wonders, the sea was last home to Romans, victims of naval battles and storms, whose traces found (a stump and a Roman anchor) show in their presence.

As a result of the frequent assaults of piracy, several battles were fought along the coast, including the battle took place in 1544 between the squad D. Pedro da Cunha and Corsair Turkish Xarramet.

The fishing has been since ancient times, the sustenance and livelihood of these lonely spots.

As has happened with other parishes in the county, Carvoeiro also accompanied the expansion of Cannery Industry, responsible for generating numerous jobs and wealth while labored in full.

However, from the 60's, the excellent natural conditions, allowed the outbreak tourist and concomitant development of other activities assigned to it. Carvoeiro is an option particularly attractive in relation to tourism practice of "sun and sand", golf and water sports. The cut of the coast, the water quality, the climate amenity, the notoriety of the golf courses, the facilities and infrastructure created and proper land use in terms of planning, give Carvoeiro conditions necessary for stating as one of quality destinations in the county, sought by domestic and foreign tourists.
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