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Quarteira Facts

Quarteira Car Hire Algarve The Civil Parish of Quarteira, now parish was created in 1916, through the Deputy Algarve Dr. JosÚ Maria de Padua, who presented the project in 1914 in the National Assembly. Years later, the village was elevated to 28 June 1984 and the city May 13, 1999, by Law n ║ 52/99 of 24 June.

Has 2 km of beach with blue flag. Became a popular holiday destination since the 60s, mainly due to its extensive beach and unique climate. Later comes Vilamoura, which is considered as a tourist destination with great potential for lovers of golf and water sports such as jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, diving and fishing.

Regarding the food, there are exalted restaurants in Quarteira, what they reveal the freshest fish and seafood in the entire region.

Among the attractions is the aquashow, water park there for more than two decades and it is located right at the entrance of Vilamoura, close to EN 396.

In the parish of Quarteira, and more precisely in the present location of Vilamoura, it is still possible to find traces preserved of the Roman occupation. Roman ruins at Cerro da Vila are located in the district of Faro, in the municipality of LoulÚ and more precisely in the Parish of Quarteira. Consisting of multiple baths and Roman mosaics dating back more than 2000 years.

Belonging to the territory of Ossonoba, the original occupation of the village dates back to the first half of the first century AD Its location favored the use of marine resources and trafficking of goods, attested by the existence of a port. Aiming at the enhancement and the public presentation of the site, was built a museum of site where an exhibition monograph. It was still an edited guide leaflet to support the exhibition. It is also planned to run polls in the port area and the study of mosaics and architecture of the town.
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